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  • hi
    could you ad my FC for the Friend Safari
    I have mienfoo, pancham and tyroge in mine
    FC is 2707-2526-9067
    Hi there mate, I found you on the friend safari and wanted to know if you would add me. I have a dragonair, sliggoo and gabite. My friend code is 2079-7334-0130. I am an active player and its no worries if you don't want to add me :)
    I added you, bro! Sorry for the late reply! I was busy with school the past few weeks so I couldn't come online!
    Hey my friend. I saw you on the spreadsheet so I added you and my friend code is 0430-8340-3876. I have a ground type safari with wooper, marowak and diggersby. Thank you for your time. :D
    My FC: 1461-7528-6258
    Type: Normal (Lillipup - Keckleon - Smeargle)

    Let me know if you want to exchange FCs. Thanks :)
    Smogon mafia is actually pretty different from irl mafia, although the rudimentary elements are mostly the same. I recommend reading Mekkah's article in the Smog - issue 4 or 5 iirc - as he explains it much better than I can. Unfortunately I'm at school atm so I can't link you.
    Oh actually we were just talking on irc and he said 'hey it's misa.' I had described your NN to him before. And lol about 'totalnoob' i told him he needs to change that. :P
    THATS SO COOL!! I'm not sure if it works the same over there as it does over here but does that mean you get to in to worlds? Oh and before I forget my FC's are in my sig including my PBR FC. If you ever want to do any serious meta game testing just let me know. I have rng'd versions of all the top teams for vgc 2010.
    That was an excellent game. Win or lose, I love crazily close matches like that.
    I've been good, school is winding down and it's summer vacation in a month, which I'm really looking forward to :)
    I have a question about the VGCs in Japan. Do you guys have a nationals too? If so when?
    lol I love that guy. Well then maybe you can help critique me with this other team that I started a couple of days ago.
    The one that I just used was the one I've been using for a couple of months now. Do you think there's anything I need to improve on, considering you're the Tokyo champ! lol
    Actually, would you like to have another battle with different teams? I was wondering if you can critique this other team for me.
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