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  • You have to battle aginst lapras666 for the For A Limited Time Tournament. I let you a little extension to play.
    If you don't make a legitimate effort the next time you log on to trade back the Dugtrio, I'm going to let the mods deal with it.
    And you only stayed on for 46 seconds after you left that post on my wall... that doesn't really help much. Obviously, you don't care much about trading it back since you already received your payment.
    Do you know where you got your Naughty Horsea on your thread from? It had SwiftSwim but evolved and gained Sniper for some reason.
    It appears that you only get on for a few minutes everyday ... will you VM me whenever you get on so that I won't miss you..
    It seems that we are never on at the same time. Hmm, when are the best times for you to trade?
    Can't either. I do not have Action Replay, sorry. I'll have to find a cloner for the Growlithe and we can trade.
    Oh okay. I'm going to go eat, but I should be back in like 30 minutes to an hour. If you don't get it finished right now, it's not a problem.

    And yeah, I don't mind sending back a clone of the EV'd Dugtrio at all. :)
    Oh, if it's not finished, that's okay. I guess I misunderstood your last message.

    Just let me know once you finish the Dugtrio and I'll clone you a copy of the EV'd version. :)
    Okay. I would have cloned an EV'd copy of it for you.

    Did you get someone to clone it for you?
    Hey, how's that Diglett coming? It's okay if you haven't had a chance to finish it. I'm just wondering.
    Yeah, I can wait until tomorrow. I'll have my Platinum then, so I can trade you a berry. Btw, did you use PKRS and power items and stuff? Or did you just do it 1 EV at a time?
    It shows 4 HP EVs, 251 Atk EVs, and 255 Spe EVs. Do you want me to send you another Diglett?
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