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  • Yeah I started as a tutor, then a shoddy mod, then forum mod, etc. etc. till I got to where I am now, lol.
    They all kinda came one by one so I never really did everything at once or anything. For example, I'm currently not tutoring anymore, just helping run the program (so I look for new tutors, check evals, promote, etc.). I used to juggle a lot more at once, like C&C, research, team rating, etc., but after I got asked to head 5th gen policy, that's pretty much where most of my Pokemon time went. Anyways, I'm actually on the server quite often, but under alts usually. If you have IRC, I can sometimes be found chatting in #dreamworld, but I generally stick to private splinter channels nowadays.

    And no worries, I'm not insulted or anything.
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