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  • lol I hadn't logged in since January of last year. What made me log in was I wanted to see if went by Ephidel or Fir.

    True story lol.
    great match, that switch from snorlax to jirachi was keymove after i was already happy to get the deciding
    it does that much damage if you put 252 ev's into attack with naive nature. just to clarify that..
    That would do hecka to blissy. according to smogon calc it does 92% to 108%!! ALRIGHTY GOOD NIGHT!!!
    oh okay. lol You should have made it Timid for more speed but if you want to run explosion make it naive for more speed but not lowering your attack for explosion. I was wondering how my kricketune out ran it. I was like magnezone has 262 speed and my kricketune has 251 maxed.. anyway thanks for the battle again!
    Yep you should get explosion on it. What nature is it? naive? Thanks again for the battle! Alright Good Night!!!
    LOL Sorry I thought you were a girl cause of char and named jessie but that can be for a boy too lol.
    GG Girl! Loved the battle! Your magnezone has the moveset for sub salac right? Its pretty good. Thanks for the battle once again! If you ever want to battle again just PM/VM.
    Using thunder wave early game was a terrible choice on my part, I deserved to lose Lanturn.

    Good battle. It was dumb luck I won, it was only due to my final sweepers having an advantage over your remaining pokemon.
    I was hoping that HP fire would not have downed me to less than 1/4 of my health. Haha.
    GG, I forgot to switch the positions of my Pokes, lol.
    Then again my team had like no synergy what so ever.
    what move you could have done with the milotic and yes i know that you didnt dc last time the problem is wifi
    sry i got one wrong pokemon with me can you please flee after your first attack i also will flee so we have a tie ^^
    gg but fuck fuck why i dont hit your mesprit with my woodhammer
    but who you predict my toxicroak was a kind of magic :D
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