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  • @NMx13 Juu tosi on. But I've gone back into lurking while trying to get hang of the new gen : /
    @D.a.v.E Thank you. I will appreciate that, thou I tend to deal with a lot of things by just eating oranges : P
    Nice to meet you and welcome to Spam the meme =) Im D.a.v.E and anything you need, come to me.
    What's up. I can battle later today if you want. It is currently almost 1PM where I am, and I could battle anytime after 5PM(where I am). Of course, this could be a difficult time for you(around midnight), so what other times would be good? Tomorrow(Thursday) if we timed it perfectly I could battle at 11:30 or so(6:30 for you), but we would have to time it perfectly because it is my lunch period. Feel free to leave something on my wall.
    Hey! The N.A. (Noobian Alliance) is having an intramural OU tournament on shoddy soon. Sign-ups are in the group thread, so if you wanna compete you should post.
    I know what everybody seeing "About me" -section is thinking. "Just one more newb that likes red bug just cause he found out it is the most used pkmn in OU".
    Scyther was my favourite in RBY era. And Scizor since GSC. And when I found about competitive metagame, I wanted to slap it into my team. Went on serebii, checked what moves did learn, threw up a set of Bullet punch, U-turn (just gotta love that one) Pursuit and Brick break, decided to sxrew it and throw in a choise band.
    Then I visited its page on smogon.
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