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  • Well, I have a 31 iv ditto in the fifth gen, I just need one for 4th gen because there are a couple guys I wanna make on there. I saw a vid of 4th doesnt look that complicated? 5th gen looks tougher! why do you say that?
    Oh snap! One last question I forgot to ask, you wouldnt happen to have an all 31 IV ditto in the 4th gen would you? I wanna try RNG-ing but I think I need that to start and I dont have one
    its okay! I really need to learn my hidden powers :P Would you trade it btw? I need a good grass type
    darn lol, I could really use an offensive Celebi. Oh well, I cant wait to try out my new guys! :D Also...does that Shaymin have hp ice by any chance?
    I agree, 4th gen was so good! So much simpler back then! Now I just recently found out about all this RNG confusing! ahhh lol
    Thanks! :D soo..whats the deal with that Celebi you have? Does it have hp fire and or nasty plot? o.o
    Yea, i wont be able to transfer it until tomorrow when I go to work and get to use my friends DS though
    yea that bad? I just want it to verse my friends at work with lol
    My friend code is 4943 1825 6099, btw thank you so much!!!! :D you are the best!
    sorry lol... don't wanna talk? :P btw, does your Celebi have hidden power Fire? Bluebolt for Bluecario :p
    its all good, if its in the 4th gen, I have diamond, would you be able to trade it to me in diamond?
    4470 7340 3004 , also how do you trade? do you just use the wifi club?
    Hey, I'm on now and ready to trade if you are still awake, let me know! Or perhaps we can trade sometime tomorrow? I get out of work at 4 PM, which should be around 1 PM by you
    I saw; if you can give me just a little bit (like 10-15 minutes) to get everything set up and NN'd and such, I'll be able to trade.

    I'll VM you again when I'm all ready :)
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