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    Tournaments SPL XIII ADV Discussion Thread

    contrary to popular belief johnny's season so far has been pretty good and he's one of the most dependable persons when it comes to preparation, thinking outside of the box and calculated gameplay. the adv pool is stacked and if luck doesn't cooperate that's that but saying he still has to find...
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    Smogon Premier League XIII - Week 3

    won vs Santu gg
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    Baton Pass in BW OU

    being the person who built the original team with ABR also working on it i'll just throw in that the final version is very non interactive and is pretty much the opposite of what competitiveness looks like. Mostly the games are onesided farmfests, it's consistent beyond what consistency should...
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    ADV OU Suspect Test - Baton Pass Voting

    2 3 1 4 5
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    Cleaning up the oldgen teambuilders

    can we check up on this yearly? gens dpp & later don't get to tier based on viability the same way adv & older do because of the % based tiering that was introduced in dpp. thus the only way to clean up the builder or make it more representative of the tier is to run the stats. they're still...
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    Smogon Premier League XIII - Player Signups [Auction Dec 19, 3:30PM GMT-5]

    Player Name: dragon claw Tiers Played: oras ou Timezone: gmt+1
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    Smogon Classic VII Playoffs - Finals [Won by ABR]

    make it yours my goat
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    Smogon Classic VII Playoffs - Finals [Won by ABR]

    yoooooooooooooooo das bin ja ich
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    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    erz revert to old name lower case e, i know of the namelock after ty done -lily
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    Project Player interview #9 Lord Enz

    Welches Team hat gegen uns im Finale verloren nachdem wir nächstes Jahr die Weltmeisterschaft gewonnen haben? Welche Trophy würdest du am liebsten gewinnen? Talon oder Glurak?
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    ADV Cup VII - Quarterfinals

    won in 2 vs horodro, ggs s/o dynamos since i'm currently not s/oing in scl :psygrump:
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    RBY Cup VII - Round 4

    won vs Oiseau bleu ggs
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    ADV Cup VII - Round 5

    won vs Caloom who played really well ggs
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    Announcement ORAS PL Poll / Lower Tier Interest

    (fixed issue of people not being able to vote)