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    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: It's a Whole New World We Live In

    Monotype Mega Steelix (Ground) 1/2 Gen 2 Ursaring (OU Revamp) 1/2 Gen 2 Forretress (OU Revamp) 1/2
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    Copyediting Mega Steelix (Ground) (GP: 0/2)

    bottoms up when i first met you add remove (comments) [OVERVIEW] Ground ======== Mega Steelix is used on Sandless Ground teams without sand (this is what assuming sandless means, if not then just change it according) as a powerful setup sweeper through Curse, (RC) and helps to turn the tide...
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    Copyediting Mega Steelix (Ground) (GP: 0/2)

    you was in the club
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    Gen 2 Ursaring (OU Revamp) QC 2/2 GP 1/2

    oof add remove (comments) [OVERVIEW] Ursaring has the highest Attack stat of any Normal type at base 130, allowing it to KO some Pokemon that its main competitors Snorlax and Kangaskhan cannot, it. (add period) It also has a decent Special Attack and Special special movepool, letting it be a...
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    Gen 2 Forretress (OU Revamp) QC 2/2 GP 1/2

    woah! add remove (comments) [OVERVIEW] Forretress finds a secure spot on many OU teams due to its ability to viably compress Rapid Spin and Spikes support. it It also has excellent physical bulk and a fantastic Steel / Bug defensive typing that gives it useful resistances to Psychic-, Ice-, and...
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    I cant say you've got enough QC stamps [make your requests here] NEW IMPROVED BIGGER FRAME

    Hello, just joined the GP Team, would like to have a stamp for this gif: Thank you in advance!
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    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: It's a Whole New World We Live In

    snagged two extra for the first day :toast: NU Magmortar (Revamp) 2/2 Gen 3 NU Pikachu 1/2
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    NU Magmortar (revamp)

    believe what you want to believe frendo add remove (comments) [OVERVIEW] Magmortar is a fantastic wallbreaker often capable of single-handedly dismantling defensive teams thanks to its great coverage options, its high Special Attack stat, and Taunt. Although Magmortar usually takes advantage...
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    NU Magmortar (revamp)

    placeholder magmortar is ugly
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    Gen 3 Pikachu NU QC: 2/2 GP: 1/2

    yuh yuh add remove (comments) [Overview] Pikachu stands out among the relatively small crowd of Electric-types as a strong, fast wallbreaker and late-game cleaner. This is largely due to Pikachu's exclusive item, Light Ball, which doubles its Special Attack, allowing Pikachu to break down...
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    Grammar-Prose Team Queue: It's a Whole New World We Live In

    I counted 71! Though it's now 68 with these ones below being official. So close, yet so far. LGPE OU Dragonite 1/2 PU Gastrodon 1/2 RBY Golem 1/2
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    thank you!! <3

    thank you!! <3
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    LGPE OU Dragonite [GP 1/2]

    hello, i'm on the gp team now :) gonna look over this again for the official since you've put in my original amcheck add remove (comments) [OVERVIEW] Dragonite is a very effective late-game cleaner due mostly to its high raw damage output and ability to boost its Speed. Its high base 134...
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    Copyediting Gastrodon [GP 0/2]

    Hey, I'm part of the GP Team now, but I went over this again just to grab some of the stuff I missed! add remove (comments) [OVERVIEW] Gastrodon is one of the tier's most solid defensive threats thanks to its amazing defensive typing, ability, and access to reliable recovery. This allows it to...
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    Gen 1 Golem [QC 2/2] [GP 1/2]

    Woah, I'm GP now, so consider this an official check! 1/2