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  • About the tutoring, certainly, just give me some time.
    I'd prefer you just trade them all with me.
    I'm not looking for anything in particular from 5th gen at this time.
    The only reason I was able to pull that one off fairly easily was because I had a 31/31/31/31/27/31 Modest Deino and a Flawless Ditto. The Deino got the Everstone while the Ditto got the SpDef power item so I wouldn't have to worry at all about IV inheritance. I just had to hope for the Everstone to work.

    C-Gear abuse for eggs requires a lot of knowledge and understanding of how these things work.
    You would have to do C-Gear abuse. It's fairly difficult though. I prefer doing C-Gear abuse actually as I can't stand being trolled by Timer0. It's possible to use it for breeding but it pretty much requires both parents to be perfect. My non-shiny Hydreigon in my thread was a C-Gear abuse breed.
    Hey Evan, sorry this is kinda late but do you still want my Shiny Kyogre? I really would like that Shiny Latios for VGCs since I"m not 100% absolutely sure that the one I have ready for now is legit. Thanks man.
    sorry, but I just got a phone from my best friend. It's urgent, got to go :/ we'll trade tomorrow, same time as we planned for today if that's ok. Hope you'll understand.
    not a big problem at all :)
    I just have to pokeshift them :)
    are you able to trade pkm files or not?
    You can do some c-gear catches, like stationaries, entralink, roamers... yeah, not really worth it but you can always use emulators to rng, that's also less time consuming thanks to save states :p
    Awesome. Well, then I'll just try to get on according to the timezone in Australia. See ya soon.
    can we try gts i can put up a arcanine and a carracosta theres hardy any up right now so mine will be super easy to find if u put usa and lv 100 plz!!!
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