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  • no worries, everyone is busy :p yeah spl trophy :3

    excellent, uu should be a lot of fun :)
    Yeah, that's the reason I almost nommed Nattorei. Everyone thought I was being crazy so I took it down lol
    Yeah, I'm just going crazy waiting for black and white. I'll be in NYC at the pokecenter within a week of it coming out, perhaps on the same day (We haven't decided if we wanna deal with that shit tornado)
    finished HS or uni? Oh god, I've been working at a 'science center' (I use the term loosely) where they put me in a kids section and I deal with school groups that have sex on the displays instead of look at them. I'm all FUCK YOU PALEO IS COOL and they are all "yeahhhhhhhhhhh"

    I still don't know what they are more into help
    kremlinator, waaaay back. We talked about this before haha. What've you been up to?
    <3 hey, first person to show me compassion (or even say hi) on netbattle YEARS back. :D
    So almost the same as me haha. I like Toed :( But gotta agree with Skymin, it's the most broke to me, and Darkrai too.
    Hmm at this point I'm gonna ban Skymin, Darkrai, Wobb, Deo-A, N and S. Dory I'm on the fence about and Manaphy too. What about you?
    Happy Birthday dude!!!! Hope its a good one for you.

    Also, I am intrigued about your Baton Pass team. I saw that you were at the top of the ladder and I am interested in checking it out so I can use a similar strategy so I can get to the top of the Smogon server, that way I have a say in the suspect testing. If you wouldnt mind, let me know when you are online so we can go over the team on PO. Thanks and a have a good day.
    The one in my avatar is pretty sweet, the Dark/Dragon dude, the Grass snake starter, and the Genie is p sick as well :D Oh and I love the Ghost/Fire guy! Same here haha :D
    haha agreed with your post evo, as long as ur fav adv set is not endrev you should be good! :p
    yeah I know what you mean. I avoid it cause I'm busy, also mouth breathing on there is audible even with mute on.
    hey you were the first person I ever met from smogon, like 3 or 4 years ago on net battle.
    Ah that sucks, can't really talk to them about much/make friends there. Sounds good about the apartment though.

    It's for UPS actually lol, I've been trying to get ahold of the guy since about 7 but his phone has been busy :/ So haven't made a time yet, hopefully tonight sometime though :/
    Hey evo, not too much, just occupying myself with tournaments and work. I got a job interview tomorrow so hopefully that pans out.

    How come you want to quit? :/ That's good man, I wish you all the best with getting that arranged. You'll have a lot more fun being out of that house, I think.
    Good on you man, good luck with that! Hope it goes well :)

    For sure man, I haven't been on msn a lot lately but I will try to change that.
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