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  • It will take alot of cutting and editing,ive not actually been RNG'ing at the mo, ive got back onto gen1 and pkmn stadium
    got boldore again even though he is not group 0, i think maybe something on that floor moves and throws it out, it is best to have the guide with you so you can see whats on what floor because i think sometimes more then one bit is part of a floor
    i forgot key presses, i will have to catch another pokemon as it wipes everything from the pokemon side of parameters
    ok just caught a durant, enterd mac address, version, calculated iv's, it found my seed but the vframe is 8 again :s
    i am going to try victory road, i was going to do a route near giant chasm but you have npc's so it throws everything out of proportion
    i see because when i was searching for a full flawless metang , it wouldn't generate no results but started the frame at 40 , and encounter slot1 on pokemon blacks tables is a piloswine, i am going to try and rng another one in abit and see if i have cracked it, also could you keep that picture uploaded on that tinypic site as i have saved the link for referencing, thanks so much you the best,thankyou for putting up with me and giving me the time of day
    i think i have actually got it, one question, what made you start at frame 48?, i see that you subtract from the starting frame to the frame of the pokemon you want and then the result is your chatters/saves
    ok thankyou , i will check it out now, also i jus caught it, checked it's iv's and its spot on , thanks so much
    ok, you do make it seem so easy, it does look fairly easy but i just got stuck with this pid section of things
    so for now i could save if i wanted to do this metang right now, i can train chatot tomorow after work. so, from what i gave you, how did you work out i would need to chatter or save 14times, also what else would i neeed to do
    ive got a chatot and can level it up enough for chatter, can you explain why i would need chatot?
    i did want one that suited for good attack like adamant but im not fussed with that as i would have to troll ym pc boxes for the syncronizer, i just wanted to learn how to do it for a start off
    right for the hexidecimal seed is 9B0216BE2D7CBA3E, frame1,31,31,31,16,31,31, hidden power electric,power 59, time and date,6th of august2012,21.50:08, timer0 C7C, keypress select-up.
    i hope that is what you ment
    i can give you all the data you will possibly need, i actually only live near loughborugh not far from me? i swear i seen it says you live in derby.
    right, my initial seed is level 53 metang,calm nature,characteristic: quick to flee. stats are as follows 127/86/124/77/103/73, the iv's were from min to max 1,2/ 22,23/ 25,26/ 26,27/ 8,9/ 29/. actual seconds worked out 46 so i would need to start the game a second before when going for my seed. vcount60/ timer0 C7C/ gx stat 6/ v frame 8.
    could you please help me finish off the rng try as i think i am nearly there with it, i am struggling to understand this last bit, thanks
    Yeah, I'm pretty sure GxStat shouldn't be 60. It's ok, don't worry about it :P Glad you got it figured out!
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