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  • Hey do you know why rhyssafireheart got banned?
    Just wondering cuz I don't know who else to ask
    Evan how could I get in touch with an admin? Or could you give me the name of one and I could search for them
    Hey EE! :D I have another question, can I make a giveaway in my thread where I ask random questions like "What type of pet do I have?" and anyone can guess, and whoever gets it right will win a pokemon that I choose prior to it??
    And if it is going to stay, is there a way to get rid of it?? Or maybe you could make it the way it was before if its going to stay that way >.>
    Hey EE!! :D
    I want to put something before a certain post in my trade thread, but then I would have to move each post down one. Could you add a post before post # 53, so it would be after "Services" in my trade thread HERE ?? I will then delete(or maybe you could?) post # 64 so that I will have only that page for my part of the thread.

    Does that make sense? :P Well if you could please tell me before you do :)
    Yo, Evan i think you blocked my other account DaBlackFili this is my second account and i would like to delete it, and my other account has been blocked and I cant go on many pages, could you please help me out?
    Hi Expert Evan :D (yay, same name :3)
    Sorry to bother you. I don't really know who to talk to for this, but I am new to trade threads on Smogon. And due to inexperience I didn't reserve enough posts before my fellow Smogon friends started posting. Now my thread is getting alittle too big for 7 posts. Are you able to change post 9 - 16 to my posts so I can edit them to reserved? Sorry for all this trouble.
    All the best :3
    Sorry- Can you Unlock The Scientific Giveaway and lock my other one? The one to be locked is "Non-RNG giveaway" thanks!
    Hey there EE!! :D I have a problem with the buttons around/on top of where you post(smilies, size, color, etc...). They are not working on my Laptop when they worked a few days ago >.> What could be the problem??
    EE can you delete my posts in my old thread or Lock my old thread? It's still undecided about what MMX is going to do, so I don't know what to do for now. I'll tell you when it's fully decided, I just wanted to give you a heads up :)
    Please Delete Posts #51-#75 in JCII: A Triple Trade Thread

    NB: They are Clearly Labelled: Moderators Please Delete

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