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    Quality Control Mega Charizard Y [QC 2/3]

    Thanks both! Implemented :blobthumbsup:
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    Quality Control Victreebel [QC 1/3]

    You know the drill That'll be QC 1/3
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    Copyediting Sandslash (QC 3/3) (GP 0/2)

    This draft turned out pretty much perfectly imo and I can't really find anything to comment on (Usage Tips feels small but unsure of what else to put there), great job! QC 1/3 uwu
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    Quality Control Electrode [QC 1/3] [GP 0/2]

    Add Remove Comments Great work, QC 1/3 once implemented
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    Quality Control Alolan Raichu [QC: 2/3] [GP: 0/2]

    Great work for your first LGPE analysis! Add Remove Comments Feel free to ask me questions about this check on Discord if you have any! QC 1/3 once done.
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    Quality Control Nidoking [QC 2/3][GP 0/2]

    Add Remove Comments Feel free to question me on any of these suggestions! After this is implemented, you're QC 1/3
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    Resource Let's Go C&C Discussion Thread

    Many old LGPE analyses may still have mentions of Mega Gengar that have been overlooked! If you find any of these, please do let us know here as well. I will give you an alomomola react for your troubles
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    Resource The LGPE QC Team

    For writers' convenience, here's a list of the QC members' ID numbers in the Credits format. [Eve, 375272] [CasualPokePlayer, 472203] [Ivy, 173336] [Funbot28, 255984] [McCoolDude, 469684] [Rag, 10749] [Vengeance417, 198446]
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    Quality Control Mega Charizard Y [QC 2/3]

    :ss/charizard-mega-y:i hate pebbles istg [OVERVIEW] Mega Charizard Y's Fire Blast is powerful enough to 2HKO Alolan Muk without Stealth Rock most of the time even with accuracy factored in, a feat that seems ridiculous for a special attacker. It also boasts a usable physical attack stat, from...
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    Resource Let's Go Reservation Index

    Reserving Mega Charizard Y!
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    Gen 7 LGPE OU Viability Rankings

    Surprise! It's time for the first VR update of the year. The last one was in September, and plenty has changed since then; this probably doesn't even accurately cover everything, but it's a good start. Most of the small changes are ones we considered to represent the meta more accurately- as...
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    Resource The LGPE QC Team

    What is a Quality Control Team? A Quality Control Team’s job is to ensure that all analyses are up to proper expectations, as well as to ensure that they are all updated. If the QC team does not think your analysis is up to on-site standards, they have the right to reassign or reject it. Make...
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    Resource Let's Go Reservation Index

    Welcome to the official Let's Go analysis Reservation thread. Here, you may reserve analyses for Pokemon that you are knowledgeable about and wish to contribute an analysis for. If you are new to C&C and analysis writing standards, look over these threads before posting: Spelling and Grammar...
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    Resource Let's Go C&C Discussion Thread

    This thread's purpose is to discuss potential changes, any onsite errors, and suggestions on what to add, or any questions or concerns about the project. Only Pokemon ranked on the LGPE OU Viability Rankings will receive an analysis. If you feel a Pokemon should have an analysis but doesn't...
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