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  • Ha yeah i've been getting back to OU, although I admit it's kinda stale, but once keldeo gets released it might be better. Have you been keeping your yt channel active much?
    Haha oh yeah how can I forget? Well at least UU doesn't have Deo-D anymore, that kinda makes UU a happier place. Will you ever get back to OU again for the hell of it?
    It's been alright, but I went on vacation for awhile so I need to catch up. Have you been playing much lately?
    I've been trying to ladder more and get better, and it's paying off! Mostly in OU though, I wanna get more into Ubers so I signed up for a tutor and user "Noodlez" agreed to tutor me.
    Lol that's good to hear bro! So I guess Smogon is our new chill spot now huh? I haven't really been active at any other pokemon site, wbu?
    They have been alright. I got raped by ojama in st8, and I am waiting on my opponent for weather monopoly. How have you been?
    Lol my opponent hasn't been on for almost a week now. He may need to be subbed out. Dude, sign up as a sub so you can battle me in the tourney! =D
    Yeah OU should be good once they ban deoxys-s.

    I've been good, i finally got some time to battle and stuff. Lol it's like friggin impossible to get in the tutor program, I tried for 3 rounds already. :( hows your yt channel doin?
    Lol I prefer OU way more. :P I love the meta cause its soo chaotic and broken haha.

    But seriously, we need to catch up (no homo). How you been?
    Sign ups were like a week ago. The first round is going on now, it's the largest smogon tourney ever hosted with 512 people. You can still sign-up as a sub though. With that many people in a tourney, I am sure there will be a lot of inactives needing to be subbed out.
    Yeah me too, I haven't played Pokemon in awhile. I might get back to it later on, have you been playing?
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