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  • I have a feeling that you'll do great in the losers bracket. I'd start to build your other team if I were you. Although you have a while until the losers bracket starts, it'd be best to get a head start on it so you aren't rushing to build a crappy team last minute like Tabuu lol. Do you remember your other weather?
    damn I was too late.

    Sorry I was busy with some school work maybe Tuesday or Thursday?
    Yeah that is too bad. Still, I really liked the new gameplay trailer. The new region is interesting too...I think it'll have beautiful landscapes!

    Also, can you edit the OP of the CCAT thread to include Landorus?
    I really like Gogoat and Pancham. The other one, Helioptile, might grow on me, I think, but right now it's pretty meh. As a whole, though, I like them. I'm really excited with the way this generation is turning out.
    Hmm that's a really interesting observation. I hadn't noticed that but it would be pretty cool to see that go somewhere with its evolution(s).
    See, I don't really think it looks generic at all :/ but most people seem to disagree. I would LOVE for it to be Fire type though. Not for competitive use, but because it would be awesome in-game.
    So many people have been hating on it. I just wanted to show my support. Plus, I know it's based off of a robin, but it sorta looks like a halcyon too.
    Sounds good to me, feel free to PM me. I think paralysis support is a great way to aid Garchomp's sweep as well so things like Jirachi or T-Wave Ferrothorn might work...
    I suggested YacheChomp (it's my favorite set), but he hasn't been on today so he hasn't gotten back to me yet. What set would you choose?
    Well, I've been talking to Tabuu and I think he's gonna want to base a team around Garchomp. Shouldn't be too hard to do, right? Heatran makes a good partner since it can deal with Steel types and Dragons as well. Maybe Tyranitar to stop Lati@s...what do you think?
    I would I've battled YouTubers and came very close I have. ou battle experience I'm good
    My name is Jacob I'm 21 years old I'm a pretty good ou battler I'm testing a new nu team. I know all my types and i like to predict my opponent if there good. I have a few jobs but ill still make some time to have fun with pokemon.
    Well it's a good idea now, seeing as how half our group is inactive. I think it will make the group a little less cluttered. By the way, can you kick out all of the people that are banned? Like BattleStar, and Blitzlefan.
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