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  • Um dude, the Index is not the place to post your analysis. You just say i reserve pokemon X and make a new thread in the sub forum with appropriate tags. I'm referrring to your Polis Wrath post in the 5th gen Uber index. So you might want to cut out everything else apart from "I'm reserving poliwrath from your post". The details go into the skeleton of your thread. If you need help just shoot me a vm/pm, or go on irc.
    No, i mean when he is given a free switch-in [say after one of your mons has died]. He takes SR damage and doesnt heal back to the end of the turn.

    Yeah, Leech Seed is pretty important.
    Hi, the Protect thing was for if you bring Probopass in. Stealth Rock takes it down to 6.25%. Protecting first turn lets you heal up to 100% before taking a hit.

    I was going to mention Leech Seed Baton Passing but I could not find many slow Leech Seed + Baton Pass users. But I will mention Leech Seed anyway as provided there are no hazards up, there wont be a problem switching directly in.

    Ill mention something about teammates with Taunt as well.

    Thanks, once my exams are over Ill make those changes.

    In regards to *Please give me credit for its invention...*, I really wish i could, but Smogon anals have never worked like. You dont see HeaTrap saying "Philip7086 invented this set" at the bottom. I honestly love the set and I'm so glad you discovered it [its the only reason Ive been playing 5th gen...], but I dont think crediting you in the analysis will work out too well, sry!
    I would take up your offer if I had more than $5.
    :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :( :(
    Hey, I'm 14-years old. I can't get a job.
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