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  • lol, I gave my blastoise magic coat insted of mirror coat. but it kind of worked out I guess. I need to get better.
    TK is discrimination against me in the YGO Teams forum and didn't give my team there much of chance because apparently Staff talk about "special users" lol.

    Kyo/Kameiko I just don't like. She's not a very good super mod, horrible grammar, and can be a bitch in the PTC if you make her a mad.
    Here's the list, LMK if you see your name: Xon, Itsuki, Eternity, TacoKing, Kameiko, Senseker.

    Listed in no particulat order.
    I've been on Pojo for so long, I can't abandon it like others have. I still don't like certain mods (Xon, Itsuki, Eternity, etc., I don't care if the read this), but I don't want to see the Teams Forum die, or the Pokemon section period.
    I can think of a few other adjectives to describe it, but I won't share. =P
    When you asked about improving your battling skills, I'm surprised Tangerine didn't mention Battling 101, Smogon's Tutoring program. So I have.
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