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  • So apparently me and you used to have super long convos...what happened? Lol hope everything is well bro
    That's wassup man, I'm actually going to school now. Finally realized I didn't want to bust my ass the rest of my life lol other than that just doin me man

    Thanks for the late ass reply lol
    Same here, but we all grow up :S I'm learning to drive, I'm working...everything changes :S
    Yeah I'm doing good :) I've gone off Pokemon for a while if I'm honest, and I'm only here to really talk to my mates on here, like yourself xD
    If you wanted to get your Pokemon out, I'm starting a trade thread soon, so I could distribute them :)
    I've recently started college and a lot of my time has gone into that, but I want to get back into RNG, but like you said, I'm far behind with the new metagame. With all the broken Pokemon around, I'm not sure this is the metagame for me.
    My DS is on the verge of collapsing too xD I also have exams in June and July, but then I get the Summer Holidays to train :D Gonna be good :)
    Hey man! I'm good, but sooo busy with exam prep. :/ Won't be too active until june-ish :P
    Just got your message. Well I have 5 people distributing this giveaway. But if it seems like it's only Cybertron and nobody else (I know Ninahaza still doesn't have the pokes), then I might have to add new distributors. Yes, I will be able to trade to you since you can clone, but I will actually be on the plane back home since I've been in Hawaii. I'll try to be available tomorrow. But I'm going to contact Ninahaza and give him the pokes and get this moving. :)
    Going good, I've completely drifted from FC since I got here :)
    I've just been EVing Pokemon ready to start a Trade thread, but I need to find a partner after than xD
    is it easier than for DPP? iv heard it is...nut it seems more compacated :/ i xant seem to understand it.
    Yea bit sadly I can't trade right and my family are packing up to visit relatives for a few days, I just did my last trade with 7014gree to ev train for him.
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