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  • Oh my gosh! I've been meaning to drop by for quite a while, but just haven't had the chance. Your art is absolutely stunning. I absolutely adore your landscapes!
    Hey there, I am wondering if you could help me with my trade thread D:, I want to make my own trade thread but I need help with banners and the writting codes(I mean [color][/color] etc), I don't know how to do that D: thank you very much ^.^
    Woah.That alt haunter is something else huh?You drawn?This way im gonna scary too much the costumers xD
    I was thinking in an art from the game.How about this gengar.In the middle top of it http://animeyume.com/blog_images/character_dex/pd_gengar.jpg
    Or another laughing gengar like that D:
    If it is too much trouble then never mind,this way is fine.Im happy with it but just a little scared x3.
    Oh the size is indeed big.I resized and put in my thread for you to see the right size i want.It's 662x419
    Oh and move the neb shabby shop a little to the right to be centralized
    Thanks xD
    By the way,you dont want anything for doing this?
    okay then,i guess i exaggerated a bit sorry xD.
    Yeah like a haunted house.Once again thanks for doing this.Till later
    Woah that was fast hahaha
    Okay then.Here what i have in mind:A really old wooden house(just like those boo houses from supermario) with with some pokemons around it and a big broken board on it saying"Neb shabby shop".The board would be teared in half and fallen down.
    The pokemons can be....gastly,haunter and gengar doing those really nasty laughs.Near the door a dusclops standing kinda waiting for costumers.Thats it.Feel free to add anything that you think it might improve.
    Thanks alot for your time in doing this.If you have any request of any pokemon that you wish dont hesitate to say.I can do anything except entree link pokemon and legendary since i already caught them D:
    That's alright, will you be on tommorow? I probably won't be able to trade during the day but I will later that night (not this late though, maybe 2 hours earlier).
    ok cool ill message you tmw morning and we can trade ;) thank you btw...also DO you have a sturdy aron (possibly with endeavor?) i want to make a FEARon for gen 5 for my sandstorm team
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