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  • I apologize, my router seems to have crapped out mid-trade. I'll hop back in quick.
    We had a disconnection, but I'm back on wifi. I have to leave the forum, however. I'll just stay on wifi for a while, in case you're have connection problems. If you can't make it back on, just leave a VM and we can try later.
    I unfortunately do not have the AR code for checking SIDs placed on my old Action Replay just now. It's bricked, which means I must input codes manually. I haven't replaced all the codes since last trying to unbrick it (which involves a reset and losing all codes). So you'll have to get the SID check from someone else. I can go on wifi with the timid ditto now, though. Use my HG FC in my sig.
    I give the timid Japanese ditto for free, so yes. :-) For Gen 4 games, this is the only ditto you really need, since only 3 IVs are inherited from either of the two parents and the remaining three are taken care of during the RNG process by choosing a seed. The nature is also chosen by the choice of seed, rather than the parents, so one perfect ditto is all you need to get started.
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