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    Tournament NDPL I - Week 1

    Yeah ok Pogging Pexs is a decent name, but why didn't someone call themselves the much superior, and very epic, Based Beartics?
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    Tournament NDPL I - Player Signups

    Player Name: Iamprettyrad Tiers: Nat Dex OU, UU and a bit of Nat Dex AG Timezone: GMT +10 Foreseen Inactivity: School and Sports
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    OM National Dex - Ash-Greninja Voting

    Ash-Greninja: Unban
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    Resource National Dex Viability Rankings v2

    Just want to point out, this is only including its Swords Dance set, which I know is better than it's band set, but regardless, Rillaband doesn't have to worry about Zapdos at all, as 2 band wood hammers bring it back to earth, whilst Corviknight gets U-turned onto and then gets trapped by...
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    Announcement National Dex Suspect Test 5: Frogman

    If you asked me about 2 weeks ago if Ash-Gren should be allowed back, I would respond with a resounding no. However, after using it for a while I came to realize its faults. The first is that it is a fairly momentous task to switch in Gren without a slow pivot. Greninja is massively frail, which...
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    Announcement National Dex Suspect 5: Voter Identification Thread

    Confirming as NXGREN Rad Jordy edit: confirmed
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    Tournament National Dex Premier League - Announcement and Formats Discussion

    I would like more UU rep but I'm trash at it so please only do 1 UU game lol. As for AG idrc
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    Resource National Dex OU Good Cores

    Something else I forgot to mention is Heattom, who does check both, but absolutely loathes a band wood hammer, with it dealing around 70%. This further compliments using Zard X/Blissey as a teammate to these 2.
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    Resource National Dex OU Good Cores

    :magnezone: :rillaboom: Fairly Standart sets. Rillaboom U-turns into the steels that counter it, Magnezone traps them. Mega Scizor, Corviknight, Ferrothorn, and Kartana minus choice band sets. Magearna and Mega Mawile are also checked by zone, but they also...
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    Metagame National Dex Metagame Discussion v2

    Yeah actually mega diance really isn't very good. It can beat like zapdos and... thats it... Mega Diance has the same speed tier as megagross, but with worse offenses, worse bulk and worse defensive typing and coverage, and it doesn't even have power gem to compliment its actually usable special...
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    New New Name and Profile Change Requests [READ THE OP]

    Hey could I get my name changed to Padstar34 because that's what I have always been referred too, and this name was made a while ago, and does not hold true to me anymore. rejected, doesn't meet the 100 post requirement