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  • sorry man just had a concussion and got some memory loss but give me a few hourssss

    ps sadly not kidding lol
    i dont think i can today or saturday(going out the whole day to a park). I was gonna finish testing today is there any time i can meet tomorrow or friday and ill be there, i just have trouble making times that i make so i prefer you give me a time you're free or something. ill try to make your times off of work if you want, i just need some more time testing teams.
    yo franky I think I'll be ready on Friday still testing teams and stuff, maybe tomorrow but higher chance on Friday BR0, GL man!
    I can't play now :( I'm on iPod. If you are available in the evening I can play you then, if I can't get it done in a couple days take the win.
    yo im on atm idk if you want to ADV OU, and i cant really do all in one day my DPP OU team is halfway done atm and my BW OU is getting there(since everyone and their mother knows my BW OU team by now). if you want give me available times this week and ill make them for sure since im out of vacation atm since yesterday. But today if you i catch you we'll ADV OU with np if its ok with you.
    ready to ADV OU now in like 15 minutes if you want BR0?

    EDIT: nvm got late im ready though for ADV OU tomorrow early better since at night it gets busy tbh.
    just got back from DR like 5 hours ago, im gonna finish my ADV team today and we can battle tomorrow if you want ofc? DPP OU the day after ADV, and BW OU the day after DPP OU. If you really have some scheduling troubles ill just BW OU the same day of DPP OU I guess, but are you up tomorrow BR0 for ADV OU?

    EDIT: I also wanted to get LC reqs today to get TC badge! so that kind of influence too.
    nothin, gonna try and get back into this soon so we can go back to getting haxed out of tours lol
    damn i dont know anything about gen 5 lol. whats up man, its been a while.
    Sup bro, we're paired for the strike-out R3. I'm GMT+1. Btw, I'm on hollidays so It'll be quite easy to fix a schedule. VM me when you're around (:
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