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  • I made it to reading week alive, I can definitely trade tomorrow(later today I guess lol). I'll be on all day :)
    It's not just that one either, which pisses me off. I had some really great games I wanted to upload (and since I'm not gonna have a computer for like 3 weeks soon I needed all the back ups I could so I could keep an upload schedule by going to the library or something) but Desmume wont open my Gen 4 save files for some unknown reason.
    Dude, you have no idea how mad I am right now. I saved the backup on my computer right? I ended up with some other battles, and now NONE of my backups work. I was gonna post it instead of the one with jihad but it refused to let me. Desmume decided to keep opening up my game as if it was a new file. I qq'd hard.
    Would you like a LV100 battle to check the EV's? Also I'll use my two credits later if thats alright?
    I posted what I wanted in your thread.
    It will have to wait until tomorrow, though.

    Poliwhirl LV50
    EV's 252 hp 252 atk 6 def
    Item Water stone
    Attacks Encore, Substitute,Focus punch,Waterfall

    Hippowdon LV50
    EV's 252 hp 252 atk 6 def
    Item Choice Band
    Attacks Earthquake,Ice Fang,Fire Fang,Thunder Fang
    It'll be done in about an hour, give or take a few minutes, but I have to get off my laptop soon its been on all day so I'll get back to you tomorrow, my apologies.
    I'll start on them now, it generally takes about an hour, I use vitamens 10 in the stats I'm training andf then use power items. As for the specifications, did you want them trained to a certain LV with certain moves? I use rare candies to get them up to a certain level so they can battle for EV points.
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