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  • Hey Faller, are you going to be able to trade me that Roserade? If not, I'd like know because I could do it myself xD
    just wanted to let you know I emailed you your black sav. Sorry it took so long and enjoy.
    Oh OK, I see. Your parents banned you to go on except for an hour on weekends... D: That STINKS...Im sorry :(
    Ok basically done have like 20 mins left but I have work till 3 tomorrow so will send when I get home.
    heh, yeah but you have to hit a delay and you cant check it properly basically, I just prefer breeding :P added 3 new ones actually XD
    yeah premier ball should be good, also entralink abuse is almost impossible to get the right nature, since the pidrng advances way to fast for it.
    I'm in process of getting my XD pokes updated in my thread. I gave Lugia, Rapidash, Dodrio, and Togepi some Emerald Tutors, but I don't have them listed in the thread let. Just letting you know :P. And thanks for directing me to his trade thread.
    I actually just resetted for a dw zigzagoon, got a jolly one, not pickup though :P
    If you go to VBA-RR now you'll have to advance the frames again I'm afraid. :/ You'll have to do it the hard way on the regular VBA by checking with RSE decode.
    with 100+ youd be close to getting them all :P
    but I think I have around 150-200 mons :P
    Not if you make a save state before the encounter and load that state when you're done checking. ;p
    You use it to check the IVs/Nature you got, then you search that exact spread in PokeRNG to see what frame gives that spread. Then you can adjust accordingly.
    I'm pretty sure any version won't work with a save state from VBA... If you've already advanced the frames and don't want to do it again you'll have to make a save state before the encounter, catch the pokemon, do an in-game save, and check the pokemon with Enciclopedia Pokemon.
    an hour is so short as well though, anyways they all are looking good as per usual :D
    ill add the credits again :D
    Should be in one of the options somewhere... Or I think you can do Alt+1 for it.
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