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    Go look at the 287th page of simple requests. Remember that shit? God, that pisses me off. I'd feel bad for him if he didn't redis my stuff along with now three other people's.
    All right, I won't get to Love Ball Kyogre until either tomorrow or Wednesday though. You can pick up the Celebis in just a sec or wait until I get the Kyogres.
    EXACTLY. I did that like four times, and was about to throw my DS into the wall when I finally hit my delay.

    So what did you want from me?
    Haha, thanks man. I've FINALLY hit my HP Ice spread, and have Modest and Timid. It took me seriously a couple of hours because the delay was right in the middle of the two seconds if that makes sense, lol.
    Lol. You still have like five credits. Let me finish these others, and then you can just get them.
    Not yet but you can get it for free if I find out that it is not from a legit wondercard
    Nice to know that's why we're friends. xD Yeah, I'm planning to do a shitload, but we'll see what musicmeister thinks since I'm doing some stuff for him.
    Not sure about an AR code, but people at projectpokemon upload the wondercard and pkm file, so I just download those. :P You need a flashcard, lol.
    There's a jap movie event starting tomorrow. Finally some good (kind of) legit Celebis. :P
    Lol, I have a couple projects I've taken on, and of course the celebis tomorrow :P, but after I get them done, I'll do the deoxys.
    Nope, I'm using the one in my sig. Sorry, I should have told you that.
    Wow, I'm a fucking retard. I don't know how to count, lmfao. You don't have to bring the Exeggutor.
    Yeah, that's fine. VM me when you're ready.

    Just making sure, HP Ice, Grass, Ground Crown Raikou, Crown Entei, and Bold rachi?
    All right, that's cool. Rash please. Let me just finish getting this info to this guy for these banners, then I can trade.
    HP ground spread, right? Nice. I like the pidgey, ninetails and yanmega.
    That's six, right? Hasty Weavile, HP Ground Mesprit, HP Fire Exeggutor, what about SS?
    Meh, kind of, lol... I deserved it though. I could have finished them sooner, but I just didn't.
    Well, not half really, but a couple. Maybe five or six. Just not doing projects I took on. :< I had like four that I'd taken when my life turned into a living hell, and I was sick of mons. Lol.
    Yep. I've pretty much pissed off half of the good traders here though. :/
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