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  • Yeah, marriland sucks. There were MAYBE 10 good traders that were there the whole time I was around. I can get a lot of stuff too, not everything though. I don't know why I can't leave. xD I guess it's because I just like the people here. I'm addicted, lol.
    Yeah, I have to go, but I can hurry and trade still. Take this FC: 3223 8009 9769. I've got the one you gave me too. I'll meet you on.
    K, back from working three days straight, lol. Let me know when you want to pick these up now.
    It's fine. I probably won't be able to get them to you until later tonight though. :s
    All right, get the FC in my sig then and I'll meet you on. I'm sure. :P That's not really fair for you to give me stuff when you still have credits with
    So love and great for Starmie? And you still have credits for helping me transfer all that stuff forever ago, so you can just use those if you want.
    All right, they're ready for you. I've got Houndour in a Great Ball too if you're interested, lol.
    Okay. Hit me up when you get back on. Hopefully I'll have Houndour done too. :P
    Another VM, sorry, but I've got it in four different pokeballs if you're interested. Great, Dive, Heal, and Love.
    God, it seriously took me two and a half hours to hit my frame. I finally just said fuck it, and did about 115 Elm Calls, lol. Anyways, Staryu is ready for you.
    My fucking god... I guess you can hit both even and odd delays in HG/SS? =/
    Okay. I may need your help a little bit though. I don't really know how to do this... xD
    Yeah, I kind of lost interest in mons for a while. I'm back though. What balls did you want them in again?
    lol Gyara wasn't that hard actually. I calibrated that it was a frame 1 stationary. The only hard part was searching for the spreads based on your sid/id.
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