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  • Hey man, I like the effort you've been putting into your posts in the NU subforum, but you have to realize that any discussion of their capabilities in other tiers is unrelated and I will have to delete your post if that is the case.
    Yeah, I see what you mean. But I see Ichigo and Orihime more together. And while I'm sure that Nel did have some feelings, it was a pretty short interaction.

    Now, if it were in the actual manga/anime, I think it would be more Grimm/Nel, because Kubo has already got Orihime to confess to Ichigo, and it's kinda obvious that she really loves him. Then their's Renji Rukia..... But yeah, I see your point. It's just that if it were in the manga, I think he would choose Grimm/Nel if there was supposed to be an arrancar couple.
    Thanks man. When I first saw the pairing, I thought that it was a weird one too. But I've grown to like it. Maybe because the two are both arrancar, so it works, and I can see both of them having a funny interactions with each other. Grimm wanting to start a fight while Nel restrains him and keeps him under control.
    Ok D:.VM is better than PM.Somehow i didn't understand your site in the sig...i only see one picture ._..Do you have a devianrt?
    I have a shiny timid egg moves shelmet, a shiny adamant egg moves pawniard and a sassy shiny gothita with trick room IV and HP fire.Loved your art and would trade you all of them for a request,we have a deal?
    Details of them are in my shop
    Hi, we're opponents for the Smogon VGC Tournament Round 2. When would a good time to play be for you? I am EST (GMT -5) and available to play nights on weekdays and all day on weekends.
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