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  • Hey fursoto, glad you liked the pic. It is pen lineart, first I rough sketched then penned it, erased the pencil lines and scanned to the computer. Then I colored with GIMP. I used the original pen line art on that one, but sometimes I will create paths on GIMP for the line art, and then hide the original usually ends up in a spiffier looking piece, but I kind of like using the original pen lines because it makes it look a little more...homier? content? I don't know lol, but here is a short tutorial I did on using paths with GIMP if you're interested. I'm planning on starting another piece today using this method.
    Mm, thanks! I'll give you a shout when I need help with something (and a reward)
    Sorry about this, but the spleef arena is basically finished (I just need to put up hte notice board, and get 4 silk touch diamond spades) where were youuuuuu
    Sorry you didn't get to help :( It looks preeety awesome, but saying that makes me seem big-headed. You should check it out tomorrow, it's near seashore city. :D
    Aww, I'd really appreciate the help with spleef, that'd be really nice. I'm usually on 4:30-5:30pm GMT time on weekdays, and whenever on weekends. Just to warn ya, the arena itself is nearly finished, it's just the ceiling which needs fixing up :/ (and other stuff which I can tell you about on the server). Thanks a lot!
    Aww, thanks for your kind words. I definitely don't deserve votes, this is an art poll and there are much better artists there. Also, was something wrong in Smogcraft? You were building your house in my village, and then you suddenly went "what" before quitting...
    Hey Furo! Just a heads up, I actually already did the Mime Jr card if you didn't see my post in the card thread (posted like a minute after you did). :( I feel bad, I thought I had already reserved it but apparently not... my bad man.
    Right, definitely. I'm just saying that the problem that most people have with Bleach is its frequent use of deus ex machina, especially near the end of the Aizen arc. I still read it, I still enjoy it, even though I personally believe that they should have ended it when Aizen died, or even after the Soul Society arc.
    Oh, so Nasty was the one who told you that.

    I'm really not sure whether I'll be doing art next issue: I might, or I might not. Whatever the outcome, I'll keep you informed as to who's sorting it all out. [If I haven't contacted you in a couple of weeks, be sure to remind me!]
    i kind of joined the smog on at a weird time but i would message alchemator about it tbh because he will be running art next issue

    but sometimes it takes a while to get in
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