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  • Umm you mean you aren't thrilled by Cosmo Black and Aqua Blue? haha There's Flame Red in a week. But you should definitely wait to see what they announce at their September convention thingy. I emailed USGA and asked what I had to do to get a Pokemon League table at the activities fair : D no response yet
    So a month later and Pokemon World Online has stayed down. Sorry if this is a touchy subject but didja get a 3DS? I got one Friday after the price drop
    That'd be cool. I haven't invested time in Dream World yet. I'm thinking of taking up Pokemon World Online for the remainder of the summer
    Hey! Did you end up coming to Indy? I lost in the first round of the LCQ this afternoon... my Rock Slide missed turn 1. I'm kinda bitter :P haha
    Nice! RNG whiz, huh? My Musharna is inferior by far.
    HP 28
    Att 8?
    Def 22
    SpA 16
    SpD 26
    Spe 5

    None of these numbers are perfect, but none of them seemed all that awful either, so with a few days until VGC I decided this would have to do. In retrospect I realize I do pretty much need a 0 in Speed for Reuniclus.
    How'd ya get so many perfect IVs on your team? For mine Conkeldurr and Terrakion are basically perfect (someone else RNG'd them) but the rest are lucky to have two. Musharna has a good spread, but nothing above 28. Whimsicott even weaker, since I rarely use it.

    Flying Gem Acrobatics has a power of ~215 after all its boosts, and with Archeops' flawless base 140 Attack I figured it was worth a shot... but Musharna is still Musharna.
    Archeops knows it but rarely uses it. To be honest, I sometimes forget it's often the best option. Originally I wanted to have Conkeldurr know Detect but I prefer Payback after giving it a whirl. What nature is your Musharna? I was hoping Flying Gem Acrobatics would OHKO you, but clearly not.
    You too! Ahhhh you totally outplayed me every single time. Your team is just better in general, I think. My team feels kinda directionless :'( haha
    Don't think so, but just to be extra safe. Some forum suggested leaving and returning, so I tried that, no success.
    The rest of the EVs don't have to be even necessarily. Smogon's analysis says put 'em all in SpD, but some people use a Relaxed nature and put them all in Defense. Personally I used Sassy, 100 SpD and 156 Def. I would use more in SpD in your case, since Gigalith has better Def than SpD, so spread attacks can't hurt both Pokemon for big damage. It's totally up to you though.

    Where on earth do you get the anti-EV berries? I thought I read somewhere that those aren't obtainable (yet).

    I'm free all day and I'll be checking smogon. How does 4pm sound?
    Oooh, well on a defensive Pokemon it's almost always a good idea to maximize HP, unless the Pokemon has a draining move (recovers a larger percentage of health). HP EVs basically count toward both defenses, and when attacks hit hard, defense stats don't help as much as a few extra hit points. For example, I also calculated for a flawless Musharna with all the EVs in defenses. It would've taken 3 less damage than mine, but it had 31 less HP with which to take that damage. ^.^
    Yeah, I have to say I wasn't expecting a STAB super-effective 120 base power attack coming off a base 135 Attack stat AND it was faster than Musharna in Trick Room. -.- I did the damage calculation and poor MooMooMilk was about 25 HP away from surviving that. Nobody I fought on Pokemon Online used it, so I didn't see it coming at all.

    What's your reasoning behind your Musharna's EV spread? I figured everyone used 252 HP.
    Hey! My cartridge's name is RonJohn,
    Friend Code: 2580 3265 3250
    We should battle sometime today. I was wondering, did you EV and/or IV train your Musharna? I noticed on the TV it had only 192 HP, which is way lower than it could/should be.
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