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  • Hey man, if you've got some time, I've got another breeding request for you. :) Shoot me a PM when you're not busy w/other stuff.

    EDIT: Oh, and those Piplup in your shop look rather familiar. ;)
    hello. I was just wondering how we are coming along with the bagon? can you update me? thank you! hope you are doing good!
    I do have an AR but I have not checked the IVs. ONly did the EVs. Do you need me to check for you next time?
    Meh, not me. I understand if it comes to that.

    Ok, so I am going for a short weekend vacation on Friday and won't be back until Monday, I will be available next week already. Just send me any update you may have. ok? thank you!
    maybe... i also get that sometimes if I have weak wifi signal. lets go out and back in.
    Your SS fc? I think I can trade now, I have 5 minutes...

    edit: I have to go now. I will try to catch you tomorrow afternoon/evening. I think I will be on around 8pm PST wednesday. thanks.
    Hello! Your pokemon are ready for pick up. They are trained as follows:
    timid psyduck lv25 - 6hp/ 252 spatk/ 252 speed - watersport, scratch, waterpulse,pyschup
    timid snover lv21- 6atk/252 spatk/252 speed- powdersnow, leer, razorleaf, icywind
    calm piplup/prinplup lv25 - 168hp/ 252 spatk/ 90speed - pound, yawn, waterpulse, growl
    Just as you have noted, psyduck did not evolve, and I have kept all the original moves.

    Let me know if you need anything else... thank you!
    Alright, I'm just gonna clone the Dittos then head online. :)

    Which Hidden Power Ditto should I catch next?

    Edit: Here's my FC: 5414-3830-9494
    I got yours.
    Hey, finally got my WiFi working about 15 minutes ago. Also finished my breeding project.

    Want me to trade you the Dittos now?
    nothing special; just timid 23-25 / 18-19 / 15-16 / 24-27 / 28-29 / 30 is what I finally kept :/
    Oh god I fell asleep lol. First week back at school. And I'm having WiFi trouble. I can't even get in the WiFi room. It'll probably be working when my sister finishes her torrents. :\

    I can show you how to use sendpkm, however. Then you could receive EXIE's Pokémon, too.

    Edit: Actually, Canelo351 says he can trade them to you. Sorry about the wait and the trouble. :(

    He says he'll contact you when he can trade.
    Yeah, I'm going to give this a few more attempts. I just got trolled by the RNG reporter because I misread a 13 as 31, so I have to start over lol.

    If I fail for too long, I'll just transfer them all to Platinum and trade them to you.
    I'd take your pokes now if you can go to wifi. And can you please send me details here for the spreads/specific instructions you have if any?
    I understand. No problem with non redis part. =)

    Also, I am not in a hurry, so just take your time. Let me know if I can start EV training/cloning soon...
    Yeah, you can have them. The problem is I can't trade them at the moment. Doing a breeding project of my own, lol. I do have them as .pkm files thanks to Troggy. If you have something like sendpkm you could send them to your gamecart that way.
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