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  • O_O dude this is more than I could've imagined. You are the man, thank you. Can I plug your trade thread in my sig? It's the least I can do
    Okay, I'm online. :P
    The first thing is the regigigas, the 2nd is a wish Chansey. All 6 are events, but the other 4 are RNGed events w/ good IVs. The ones that aren't flawless have good HPs.
    I'm sure all the details are posted somewhere on this site. I plan on just doing the AR thing on my Platinum, or on my Diamond cart if I ever find where it went... anyway,
    Platinum FC: 5457 7036 7272
    I haven't been able to RNG, but an AR is necessary for trading pokemon here. :P You just need to figure out which codes are "allowed" (cloning, items generally) and which would actually hack/corrupt the game/pokemon. I actually AR on my Pearl game, so I don't worry if it corrupts the game; but I only clone w/ it. I'm cloning stuff now and I'll be online in a moment. What's your FC? Please use my Pearl FC from my sig.
    well where am I supposed to find a Celebi? I've never even battled anyone who has one so I can't ask for it on the GTS, much less train my own :/ Sure when the GameStop event happens in February (March?) I can get one, but what am I supposed to do until then?

    Other than that little blip, sounds good to me. I can run Celetran, and with Heatran being my fav pokemon ever, that makes me happy ^^
    Don't worry about it. Get 6 junk pokemon and meet me online in 20 or so minutes. I'll get you some neat stuff.

    You know they're doing the Crown beasts at Gamestop this month, right?
    Eh, I wouldn't run Lanturn for bulky waters. Personally, I'd go for an offensive Celebi with Calm Mind, Leaf Storm, Recover, and Hidden Power Fire (maybe). That way you OHKO Swampert, have a good killer for Suicune, and you don't die to Earthquake. With Lanturn's 67 base speed, everyone is gonna have a field day outspending it and Earthquaking it.
    1. You should totally try to participate in the giveaways in the wifi forum. They're often easy, fun, and you get super pokemon from them.

    2. If you're free at 11 (in ~ 50 minutes), I'll just give you a clone. But right now I've got to finish moving some guys around. :P

    3. If you've got any cool, or obscure events... I could always use them too. :P
    Lmao I did the same thing xD Mine is meant to pass a big speed boost to Machamp or Breloom to insanely sweep.
    Well, I can clone one for you no problem.

    What do you have to offer? If you have a near-flawless pokemon (say, from a giveaway) that I need, you can give it to me to clone a copy for myself. If you have an event I need, I could clone that too.
    I don't care about the carrier, and it's in the About Me on my profile page (since I can't be bothered to memorize 4 different codes.) But I'll copy it for you - 0517 9510 7411
    No need to. It's a whopping $1500.....that's called "a fraction of a Leader Rematch." Just let me finish this Subway battle and change games. It'll be on my HG code - wait for me in WFC.
    I think Taunt is purchasable in HG/SS. Let me check - if it is, I can do that easily.

    EDIT - Yes it is, one Taunt coming up.
    I am logging off here but am still playing. I will talk to you on sat. Have a good nights sleep.
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