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  • Yes. GG. I never expected you to use Snow Warning Starmie (I thought you would use Kyurem for that).
    Eh, don't worry about it. We all mess up from time to time. There's still the loser bracket, though, so you still have a chance at winning something.
    Thanks for extending the deadline. I am free all day Saturday, if I'm not mistaken... I should be on around 10:00 AM (EST). Does this sound good to you?
    ok just let me know when you have a date for the discussion or just tell me whenever you will start it.
    you said you would start a discussion on skype about that article in the smog.

    may I join?
    It's one of my own teams. Here are the main components.


    Volt-Turn: [IMG] [IMG]

    Meloetta: [IMG] [IMG]
    Yeah, Scarf Terrakion was the missing link. Anyhows, I have a new team coming up & it's going to be a GOOD one. Mark my words.
    o.O in the reservation thread, Tabuu said he gave it up to you, lol. He must have been typing without awareness.
    " It's only a damn runny nose, just grab a box of tissues & blow it, goddamnit "

    I say that.
    It's hard for people to mess with your emotions when they're lying in a hospital bed sick and/or dying.
    I'm an all-around calm person unless they mess with my emotions. Then my sadism kicks in & all hell breaks loose.
    Oh well that sounds like a blast, I'd love to do that. And as for your channel, it's much cooler and well made than mine haha. Also, if I show it to you, you'll know how weird my sense of humor was back then. I'll PM it to you, but know that despite what you'r about to see, I do actually get a fair amount of tail. Also, I look different now than I do in the videos. But suit yourself haha.
    I haven't watched TV since I watched Saturday morning cartoons on my 12th birthday. I became a nature girl afterwards, and subsequently began going to Central Park every single day ever since I was 19.
    Oh man...haha I would except that it's a super embarrassing "sketch comedy" channel I made with my friend Luke when we were freshmen and it is just awful haha. Also, I guess I'm not hip on the young-people's lingo, but what's a dual comm?
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