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  • I was actually using darmanitan, but a player suggested using snorlax instead because I lacked a special wall.
    To: False Sense & Gary2346

    I know i have been trolling in the group lately. I just want to express on how i feel about the OU metagame. OU is one of my favorite tiers of all time, and i just wanted to make it better by showing my opinions abut them. I know that my theorymoning is horrible and crap, but I'm really trying my best to keep up with the group! I just wanted to make it more active and fun and making more discussions about it. I'm really sorry if i made it any worse when I came, but I actually wanted to make it active and fun. I guess no one understands me that well. Oh well, hope you guys have fun without me.

    Hey, I'm a little short on time right now, and I have other stuff I need to get done. Do you think you could close off the voting round for me? If you could just follow my usual format for this sort of thing, I'd really appreciate it.

    And I'll get back to you about Dragon later...
    I loved your reaction to electivire being higher in usage than Kyurem

    at least it wasn't chari-oh wait
    Yeah, our debates seem to get pretty heated somewhat often, even if their usually one against everyone else. Even still, I like a good debate. Sometimes ones with ignorant posters can be rather amusing, I think.

    And thanks for your offer. I'll be sure to take that up when the time arrives. (It'd be nice if Curtains would answer my question on the Hazard Poll...)
    What he said was very confusing with all that stupid misspelling.

    Well, it looks like he's S***
    That would have been nice to know before I let him in. And he told me he was a friend of Cygnis in real life... Such a liar shouldn't be in the group...
    Hey, the Create-A-Team hasn't seen a single extra nomination since I extended the deadline...

    Do you think we should go ahead with just Jellicent and Heatran and limit it to one vote, or something else?
    7th grade? Yikes... those were dark times for me...

    And I see what you mean by his spelling and "coolness." Check out my first conversation with him for an excellent example.
    What!? Seriously? Wow, that's interesting... Weird that he didn't speak up when Cygnis was kicked from the group for inactivity... or perhaps it didn't matter to him...
    I've decided to come back to ask you one question:

    What are good partners for physically defensive gastrodon?
    Good plan.

    Yeah, I think that choosing Roserade really helped open up options for the team. Now that we have a Spiker, we can focus on other matters with much less worry about fitting things in at the last minute. Not to mention, the idea of a Rosecentran core sounds like it would be perfect for the team as a whole.
    Well, if Tabuu shows up again and wants to have the advantage, then we could give it to him. Otherwise, we could give it to Halcyon. You might want to confirm with Tabuu, if possible.

    By the way, what do you think of the Create-A-Team as it is now? Think we're heading in the right direction?
    Huh. Interesting. The thing is with me is that, at least last time I played it, Online doesn't have sprites or animations. I find it easier to think situations through when I see what's happening as opposed to having to read through walls of text saying what happened. Is Online still like that?
    No, I don't. I tried it once, but I found that I preferred the style Showdown uses instead. Why do you ask?
    I've noticed that. He tends to refer to you as a big brother figure quite a bit. Fitting, I suppose.

    I wonder what sort of role he envisions me as...
    I agree that it won't be long before he's back. If there's one thing I know about Tabuu, it's that he's incredibly impulsive and constantly changes his mind. The way he constantly changes his avatar, for example. My guess is he'll decide he wants to come back within a few days, and then some time later he'll want to leave again...
    Well, it's getting pretty late. Should we end the vote now? If we do, Roserade wins, if I counted correctly.
    Hey, when do you plan to end the re-vote? I think the end of today would be good, since it shouldn't take too much time for the people to vote (and most of the important people already have).
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