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  • Lolz. I'm so stupid. I forgot about Levitate on that Uxie. Krookodiow MIGHT have made a come back, that's if Crunch would have killed your Mienshao and I lived the Fake Out, but. Also, I was Choiced. So. And I doubt Crunch would have killed Uxie even from that point.
    That's the idea behind most of my teams now i think. Fake a wall and smash with powerful moves! Again, great games Gengar, we should get a rematch going at some point!
    I know man, right down to the wire, i had no idea tauros was so physically bulky! Were you max speed max attack or did you have HP investment?
    Good game :3 it was close. Also i found your youtube channel and i liked your content, you are funny ; therefore i subscribed. :3
    Yes, good game! :) And yes, upload it if you like! I'll check out your channel, PM me if you upload it :)
    Hey man, you want an NU/RU/UU match sometime? Also liking the youtube vids, you should upload more wifi battles!
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