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  • ¿Cómo? Te debe haber llegado un PM hace ya varios días con bastante información sobre el proyecto. De hecho, aún estoy esperando respuesta de dos miembros antes de pasar a la siguiente fase, y uno de esos miembros eres tú. Déjame saber si no tienes ese PM para enviártelo de nuevo, y si lo tienes entonces solo tendrás que responder a él. ;)
    hi i need a new bp :b

    EVs: 4 HP, 252 Atk, 252 SpA
    Dragon Dance/Outrage/Waterfall/Draco Meteor
    (I love this set)

    4 credits, and i need it UT and with EVs ^^
    PM me if you want to do it :D
    So i am online usally between 4 and 10 pm in our time :b
    I don't know how to change this in USA-time, thats too complicated for me, because i'm silly haha xD
    Yaaa , ya me cree una cuenta en Smogon...feliz ???? XD me dices cualquier cosa. y trata de arreglar tu wii
    Alrighty, looking forward to it! :)

    As for what I'm studying, well, currently Business Management, but I may consider changing to Accounting, but I don't know...and alright, TRU Shaymin it is. After all, it's the only Shaymin where it learns Seed Flare when it's not level 100...
    Oh, hey, feeling greater than ever...just got back home after barely dodging the bullet in payment fees for my university classes, but anyway...

    Only thing I have in mind for a BP is a Careful Swampert (31/31/31/x/31/31, of course) with Curse as an egg move. Take your time, I'm free until next Tuesday, and then from that point on, I'll only be touching my games on the weekends. I can reserve a Shaymin for you, but which one do you want, the (shiny) bold or the TRU Shaymin?

    As for the trades pending, I'll edit that right away...been busy with other things lately.
    Cool, thanks for the breeding projects! Now to add it to my trade thread... (don't worry, I'll give you credit)
    One is fine, it's not like imma trade those. Saw the white list thing... feel great right now... hahaha.

    I'll be looking forward future projects :) and also seeing this babes updated in your thread :)
    They're all flawless. Anyway, sorry for the wait - here's my temporary FC: 1420-2106-3401

    If you want another copy, I'll have to grab yet another temporary FC. I'll be waiting in wi-fi.
    Ok, I'll be waiting :) Btw... forgot to check your spreads.. guess you wouldnt scam me though... so it's unnecesary
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