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  • =x Well I really don't see what's so hard in reading just some rules lol. Impulses to gather more pokemon? x_x
    I never really left :P I just stopped trading for a few months and just recently returned to finish off my wants (especially with the release of HG/SS).

    However, I am pretty disappointed at how low the wifi community has fallen. Majority of the people who trade now don't know how to RNG, only have redistributables, and can't read rules >.>
    yeah, i think those guys take themselves pretty seriously. ive never really done any sprite drawings though, so i dont think im going to do that.
    I post all of my CAP material in my art thread if you wish to view it. Thank you for your support.
    that would be super cool!
    1) Download RNG Reporter
    2) Download the "FRLG Seed Finder" Program in the OP of the Research thread
    3) get exactly 3 of each vitamin (no more no less) AND A MASTERBALL!!!!!
    4) Save in front of any L50 or so pokemon
    5) Find any Metronome (online/offline/real life/whatever)
    6) Pick any Tempo (120 Beats Per Minute is good to start with)
    7) Turn the Metronome on, Soft Reset on the beat, tap A to the beat, all the way till you actually get into the battle with the pokemon. TRY YOUR ABSOLUTE HARDEST TO BE CONSISTENT!
    8) Masterball the poke, record it's stats/nature, dump 3 vitamins in each stat and record it's new stats
    9) Run that info through Metalkid's to get their IVs
    10) Run that through RNG Reporter's "IV to PID app" to get the seed it gives you.
    11) Run THAT SEED into "FRLG Seed Finder" program to get your STARTING SEED AND FRAME for that individual pokemon
    12) do this about 20-50 (or whatever) times for each Beat Per Minute that you try on your metronome.
    I dont use Kiss much anymore but its still my favorite poke
    Im more into UU now then OU, OU is just boring to me anymore =/
    thank you very much man, i hope the design does okay.. the first one got shut down right after i posted it haha ... ugh
    thanks again
    Yeah, when do you got time today? I had to leave yesterday and didn't get a chance to get back online later.
    Heheh thank you :P Let me know if theres anything I have you need :D
    You still havent picked up ledpapelin! Im busy right now but the next time you see me on VM me and ill send over a few things you want from me ^_^
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