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  • Hey, are you still planning on doing Snover in the LC threatlist? Just wondering, 'cos if you don't want to I'll take it. If you're still planning on doing it though then that's cool :)
    Shrug, it happens. I probably over reacted, so dont worry about it, if anything i should be apologizing to you. I'm not usually one to complain about hax, but that was just the game saying "you will not win this no matter what." What was it, 4, 5? disables within the span of 6 turns?

    And in reference to the Curse leaving - wouldnt have mattered. 3-4 turns of struggling is more than enough to KO. snover was scarfed.
    Don't worry. I'm not sure about monday, but thusday could be the right day. See you at the same time (after my 21.00).
    If you tell me before, we'll can arrange when we can play. Sunday is easier for me. But we can play the next week too, setting match time.
    Thanks a lot for vm. I'm GMT +1 (hovever, you'd regard to Daylight Saving Time too). If you are agree with it, we can play the next weekend, about 21.00 (my time). Tell me if you prefer Saturday or Sunday. See you soon.
    hey, i'm on PS now under "Mikkel". i tried to find you but it seems you're not online... i can stay on for about 15 mins or so but i've got a lot of stuff to do this morning for university. if you can't battle soonish, i can probably play in about 3 hours
    well it's 2am for me, so i won't be able to play now (i've been on for the last 3 1/2 hours). uhhhm, i'm probably going to be free in 12 hours or so, for about 4 hours. i can't guarantee it 100% but i'll definitely be on ps for a long period in the next 24 hours. hop on #littlecup; if i'm on there, i'm on ps
    hey, i'm on PS now if you were interested in getting the LC tourney battle out of the way
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