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  • I just did it, and i got the shiny Dialga. :)

    Now I have a nice collection of shinies, here they are :

    Lugia, Ho-oh, Articuno, Zapdos, Suicune, Mewtwo, and Dialga. ^^

    All Modest nature, full 31 IVs, and all caught in Premier Balls (The capture was the hardest part)

    I'm gonna get a Heartgold Version so I can have Kyogre, Latias, Palkia and Giratina and complete my collection ^^
    If it's NOT showing that message, then it probably has to do with some of the emulator settings. However, seeing as I don't use an emulator for the carts (only colo/XD), I can't really help you much more than that, sorry :/
    I've shifted my Staryu, Igglybuff, and Abra from 3rd gen. I only use legit cartridges to RNG.
    Hi ! Hey I didn't even realise there was a "Private Messaging" feature here. Sorry for not answering but I haven't seen your messages until right now.

    Yeah ok thanks. I'm RNGing on 4th Gen, and now i'mstarting to get used to it lol. But there may be some things I still wouldn't understand, so yeah if have a question I will ask you. Unfortunately, now is the end of my summer holliday and studies are starting, so I might only log in smogon some times. :)

    By the way, I've just posted a question on the forum. It's about RNG abusing Dialga in Sinjoh Ruins (SoulSilver). I'm aiming for frame 281 and have my 3 roamers roaming. (I'm on the good seed by the way, no problem for that). I don't know wether I should make 277 or 276 advances, since it's said that the Dragon Events all have a starting frame of 1. Does that mean I'm starting on frame 4 or 5 ?
    oh D:

    well, just keep trying on desmume then. I don't know of any fix for it. :[
    It does that a lot. :[

    If you can, you should try backing up your FireRed save file to your FireRed cartridge and palparking it the normal way.
    si te dice ke esta corrupto entra al juego y vuelvelo a grabar,luego me imagino ke los estas pal parkeando del emulador,selecciona el nvo sav eh intentalo de nuevo hasta ke te deje
    I'm sorry, I just finished my homework and now I have to go to bed :/
    Sip ya los pude descargar. Dame tu friendcode y te los paso. El mío es 0089 4997 0235
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