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  • Oh you have the Vibrava Uncapped? I need it uncapped too but its on my SS, I can trade you it when I get my Roserade's uncapped and then I can uncap the Machamp for you.
    I actually do not have them EV trained, I thought I did but haven't gotten to them yet since I needed their names uncapped :P I can EV train them though and trade you them when we trade again this weekend.
    I do not have a EV trained version of Heracross since its on 5th gen. And to be honest the punches are not really needed on Machamp but I can nickname it for you after I finish a trade with Mackenzie, I will be online though to trade you the Budew and Roselia, I need them both named "Roserade"
    Oh yes I do need them! I can trade you them since I got them on my Platinum right now. You didn't need Azelf cloned?
    Alright we can finish that trade up on the weekend, Are you able to get the Cresselia and a dive ball?
    How about we do that when you finish the Cresselia CP? I g2g in a few minutes here and which Gyarados?
    You will still have 2 credits on my thread after you catch the Cresselia like I said, And plus I may go on hiatus right away so it may be best to use them up. Summer is coming up and I am going to be trying to get into College or University in September and will most likely not have a lot of time for Pokemon when that happens. If you wanted to keep the 2 credits you should have just said no thanks I do not NEED Heracross. I got confused with what you said.
    I will trade you the 2 cloned Beldum's first so you can name them and then I will give you the original one when your done the naming. I need one named "Metang" and one named "Metagross".
    Yes 252 Spe / 252 Atk / 6 HP, I gave you the EV trained one since it has Superpower on it and maybe you can nickname another Beldum for me for it.
    Not sure if you seen this message,

    Actually if I trade you back 2 clones of Beldum can you nickname one Metang and one Metagross please?
    Actually if I trade you back 2 clones of Beldum can you nickname one Metang and one Metagross please?
    I actually do not need the Porygon right now, I do not have enough room on my game carts so until I can sort them out I cannot trade for it :P, Just Azelf and Beldum will be good for the Mamoswine and Chimchar. And your getting another 2 credits for the Cresselia CP anyway.
    esque flygon solo aparece en diamante y perla, pero tengo un amigo me dio un cartucho de perla solo que estaba pensando en un buen spread.
    Y suerte con el abuse en emulator, desearía poder hacerlo o almenos tener un AR
    platinum route 215 (es una que tiene clima lluvioso), tambien aparece en la route 210 pero no tengo el encounter slot, por cierto, no intentes rng en esa zona (la 210),los npcs lo arruinan (apesar de que se supone que se divide en area nublada y zona sur), y además queria capturar un croagunk.....pero no puedo por un npc :S, este capture solo es posible en emulador
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