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  • a real nigga like me. The realest nigga with the new name Hugo(Too!). Said to U, that nigga that be Chinese that say he go by the name of Hugo too. Like my name, my nigga, Hugo(Too!).
    -All said by, Alex Amaterasu, the realest nigga with the name, Deschutes, Hugo, and Hugo(Too!), as well as that real nigga ladder name C.N.tower.exe, and that real nigga French name Porto Ramos Pinto, like that French baked bean wine.
    Cus that be that and the name of a nigga like me. So, I know why you be sayin'.... "my name name name is.......HUGO! TOO!
    And I be that name AS WELL (ahahahaha, like as in, too?) like my 2nd name of Hugo, Hugo(Too!)
    So ima say that's my new name aside Hugo, that real as shit nigga name Hugo(Too!) that other nigga AB2, but he ain't as good as
    allowed in 5th gen. So I hope you doin from that my nigga. Storm Drainin on a nigga, like noowa, noowa.
    -That nigga they call, Deschutes (the real C.N.tower.exe) aka Hugo aka Porto Ramos Pinto, the wine likin' nigga who finna sip on a beer while I play you with Terra and Virizion

    Snoop be sayin dat word, "Chuuuchhh"
    like a real nigga spittin gospel for Chinese brethren whom copy my legendary of Hugo.
    My name name name is......Hugo, how's a goin nigga. I miss battling you on the PO ladder. I once battled you with a Gastrodon team on the PO ladder and then you started copying that Hugo thing in Joey's videos and stuff. I used to thwart a nigga like you off with Gastrodon rain stall and even offensive Gastrodon Deo-D stall when Deo-D was
    I can't speak for Bloo but I did not join OST because I don't enjoy playing in tournaments anymore. If Style truly was Bloo's alt and I am helping him on this, you would think that we would still join OST. Isn't it way more convenient that we, with all the resources and shady powers we have, orchestrate a gr8astard vs Style or Bloo vs Style finals and have our actual main account win OST instead of Style?
    I acknowledge the unavoidable bias that came with my opinion btw (believe me i tried) and there is definitely a probability that i am wrong but at least I didn't just parrot users argument to gain recognition on a pokemon site. If I am wrong then I'd be too embarrassed to ever show up on this site again, and if i am right then seriously fuck you guys.
    Tokyo Tom
    Tokyo Tom
    the concept of "smogon" is just a social experiment. the camera's right there
    You are a disgusting person, and I would have already banned you for good if it was only my decision.
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