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  • No point in replying to your PM again so I'll just post here.

    I'm always down to battle, up until about 2 am anyway xD. I have all day tomorrow (I might get suckered into some crap I dont really want to do, but it's like an hour or two, so I guess I'll just suck it up lol) so I can play basically any time.

    Also, just an FYI, my UU team is much more refined than my NU one (granted I need to sav some more pokemon in general, since my supply is rather low) so it'd end up being a better challenge. Not that I can't hold my own in NU, it's just that I didn't put a lot of thought into the team I just played you with, and I'll be doing a much better job of that tomorrow or something when I'm saving.

    But yeah...any time you see me on hit me with a PM/VM and well get it on :)
    Alright. I apologize once again, and look forward to a rematch in the near future :)

    I am on my iPod right now, so you may get things twice since I cant type as fast as a keyboard lol. But yeah, I look forward to a rematch. It'd make for a good video for my terrible YouTube account lol.
    Omg. I didn't realize my charger got unplugged >.<

    Sorry about that mate. I dont have time to restart, but since you had the advantage I can log back in and flee for you if you want.
    Oh no doubt, I think vap could have survived that, killed me, then got killed off by toxic/sand storm
    Good game!
    No, I didn't. You accepted MY challenge, and therefore you accepted the rules in my sig. I don't have to accept your rules unless I accept YOUR challenge.
    Hahahahaha, that battle was sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo worth saving. Your whole team got wrecked by a Fly Articuno.
    no its not. the person i'm battling would have the advantage over me since they saw my team once before
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