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  • let me know if you want to do more EV'ing, still have more then enough mons that need it ;)
    kk ill need a copy back of all of those, probo and medicham are on my diamond, since im trading with someone else to ill hop on there first, meet you on again :P
    you also wanted the medicham if i recall, can pick that up now but Ill need a copy of it back :P
    how many do you want to take up, I can let you EV a torchic I have so thats no problem :P medicham is already ev'ed iirc but I can et you do another one for that I suppose ;)
    sure, alakazam is on HG, regice and lanturn on plat, and qwilfish, rampardos and leafeon are all on my diamond, so add all 3 codes. I do want copies back of everyone of those though :P
    nayh, they all check out, but I didnt expect any less, telle, want 6 credits, or clones of them mons or a combination of the 2? :P
    ah, no worries about that, Guess ill find someone to do that, Ill check them out and when they check out ill give you the choice, a clone of one of the pokes or a credit, whichever you would want I suppose :P 1 for 1 :P
    haha sure, sorry i missed you, was back to rngng an extra pokemon, ill meet you on in a jiffy :P
    I don't really "have" Ev training that needs done technically... Zach wanted some pokes and offered to do anything for me cause he's nice. =3 And I scrounged through my boxes and found stuff that needs spreads. =)

    I'm too busy with BW right now to actively update my thread hehe. When I get through it and do some more breeds/catches thennnnn I might update. Might. =P
    you could just ev it and not evolve it and ill do it instead then, that might be a bit more wise to do :P
    itll put on the steel coat after a battle then :P after that just Rare candy/level it up and it should evolve into wormadam-s

    buildings like the restaurant in plat or the e4
    ah good, ill head on then, use my HG code and ill give you the spreads via PM or so
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