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  • Yea that will cause a major problem

    The Breeding method will only generate IVs. If the user(you(I speaking as a programmer)) Input the IV and dont see the nature/ability/shiny box back to normal, then no result will show
    Ok, i'll try and find all of those. Bring in some fodders, no eggs please.
    Did you check and unchecked everything (as in set the ability/nature back to any, the shiny box unchecked, and the iv box cleared)?
    Now you will need to do your save frame calibration.
    To do a save frame calibration
    1.Quickly start the game and collecting the egg(while pressing a). If you notice a npc moved while you were collecting the egg, the npc will throw off the frame.
    (Since I told you to advance the date, the journal should pop up.
    The journal will not affect your save frame. Once you exit the journal, quickly collect your egg)

    2. Go capture a wild pokemon
    3. Hatch the egg (doesnt matter if the egg hatches before you capture a pokemon)
    4. In the seed finder, input the correct data and the IVS of the wild pokemon.
    5. Once you generate that seed, click the Breeding Dppt method and generate.
    6. Once it generate, find the save frame that correspond the with the IV of your egg pokemon.
    7. Repeat this process 2-3 times. If you get the same save frame then you start to rng, If during you process your save frame move, its because a NPC moved and you will have to try to save on a frame when they dont move
    I made an error
    12. Once you got a desirable save when you think no npc will move to quickly. Hatch the egg and see if you got the wanted pokemon with the correct nature and IV. If so turn the ds off, if not then something happened.

    13. Set you ds date 2 days in advance (Once your good with rng this wont be mandatory)
    Since you have an AR, I am assuming that you will use the ar to check IVS and quick egg hatch.

    Please be sure to have you AR connected before the process
    9. Once the parents are in the daycare, get the egg to generate by riding down soleceon town on a bicycle and tapping the daycare app

    10. Once the egg generate, save.

    11. Once you save go to the daycare man and stand right in front of him and try to save when the cowgirl arent moving, this will prevent headaches down the road.

    Once you save, if the cowgirl moves the instant the save screen disappear, you will have to try to save again when they wont move

    12. Once you got a desirable save when you think no npc will move to quickly. Turn the game off

    13. Set you ds date 2 days in advance (Once your good with rng this wont be mandatory)
    Reading all of it would be a great idea.

    Tell me if you can understand these steps

    1.Start the game and make note of your game time and date
    2.Capture any pokemon
    3. In the seed finder, input the pokemon IVS and generate it and fill in the slots correctly(time, day, year, month, nature and iv)
    4. If you have 1 internation parent, select Dppt Egg PID (international)

    if both of your parents are domestic, then select Dppt Egg PID method

    5. Input the nature, ability of the pokemon you want.

    6. Generate it and find a frame that have the wanted nature and ability

    7. Right click that frame and do the happiness flips and coin flips as stated
    [note: Once you do either flips do not switch back to that app]

    8. Go to the daycare and input your pokemon in the daycare and take note of the parents IVS
    It took me two days to get my first capture. It's actually not that hard once you get the hang of it. Just make sure you start out with something really easy! A stationary legend is by far the easiest you're going to get. =)

    And yeah, I really need to add in a lot of EV training. Tyler has everything of his up for EVing if you like his stuff (He adds new mons every night to his collection!) but i need to decide on spreads first hehe.
    exactly, 246 instead of 252 in Atk for both machamp and swinub, but swinub also had 2 EV in PS, it's not a problem since you didn't put more than 252 in any stat :)
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