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  • I love you so much because I love Gastrodon too; and you proved him useful in such a way to troll my enemies.
    Just sending you a message here so that I don't clutter the 5th Gen OU analyses thread. Anyway, about Nidoking, you should probably PM Setsuna about taking it over. Since Hatman has not been active, and you have, I believe, I do not think he would object to giving you the reservation.
    Hey, I was interested in writing the analysis on Regice, and saw you had written up an initial thread on him. I was wondering if you'd be okay with me using some of your sets on the analysis? They're pretty darn awesome :)

    EDIT: on second thought, I think I'll wait to do the analysis until the DW abilities come out; otherwise Regice is not as useful as we'd all like him to be. :D Sorry for wasting your time.
    Hey GtM, were you still interested in writing your Gardevoir (Rain check) analysis, or were you willing to put that back on the market? Let me know! :)
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