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  • Hey, about your GP app, have you heard anything back yet? If you haven't, send your app to Great Sage and he'll sort it out real quick! ibo and fate have disappeared ._.
    Don't worry about your GP app, it'll be processed, Fate just takes forever.... V0x probably waited a month or so before Fate FINALLY added him to the team, just a heads up :/
    hiya, your GP checks are really good. However, there are some things that are a bit hard to notice. For example, instead of going "it's", go "it's its"
    In other words, if there are a few errors in the middle of words, just remove that entire word and retype the correct thing. I'm only saying this because dragonboy52 missed "it's" (removing the apostrophe) on his Venonat analysis. Keep up the good work!
    Oh btw kinda random but i just noticed that our birthdays are one day apart xD
    Well, let's put it this way, nearly every one of your amateur checks has been stamped, even by Fate himself (the grammar head). I'm sure you'll get on the team no problem! :)
    Fate is the one responsible for new GP team members, so I'd say you have every possibility of being offish!! :D
    dude, I just wanna say, you do excellent GP checks. Have you considered applying for the GP team? :D
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