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  • Yeah, you mentioned that before, but I don't really need an EV Trainer because I've nothing to do and EV train in my free time. Thanks for the offer btw.
    Hey are you interested in training a mawile for a credit in my thread?
    Now that I think about it, I have too many pokemon for a dual thread :(, sorry, it doesn't make a difference anyway.
    nah not trade now, studying, about to get off comp anyway, possibly tomrw, shiny gliscor is cool, thanks!! I will have your team(s)/6 substitutes ready by friday next week.
    cool, I will give you 6 credits/another team, or 6 pokemon that will be useful for battling, ones that complement the first team I give you.
    Hey! Not to be rude... But I said Adamant... But I really appreciate the work you've done for me. Thanks!

    I still want the Aron. :)
    You can see them in my topic.
    Mattj's Azelf
    Jolly - Levitate
    OT: MattJ
    ID: 25437
    Available LV.50 EV Trained (6 HP/252 Atk/252 Spe)
    Fully redis
    Mar. 27, 2042 (Valor Cavern)

    sry, I didn't see the notification.
    Hi! I need a Pokémon cloned, are you able to do it now? You can keep a copy as always.
    Yeah egg moves

    didn't I include them in the specs if not sorry


    naughty~swift swim
    egg moves: refresh and body slam
    well some people cannot,so i give them copies after getting the pokes back.
    Anyway,good work and thanks.
    It was 8 credits for this one I believe
    hatch location: I don't care. Lol you can have fun with that I find people who care about dumb stuff like that amusing as it makes no diffrence in the pokes abilities
    egg: Now when you get the egg clone it 2x then hatch on on your game and then give me one of the eggs so when we trade I should get an egg and a shiny huntail and the only reason I do this is so you I can have a nicknamable copy even if the copy I hatchbwont be shiny
    Huntail need that 30 spatk for hp selec so 31/31/31/x/31/31 is a no no sorry and beside it's a mixed attacker so that is no good if it has bad spatk
    hey what's up h2o how is huntail comming
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