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  • Hey, I am willing to give you a Lucky Egg for a shiny Excadrill if you still need one. My FC is 4081-5630-0086 and IGN is Link.
    Time zones do not involve time travelling and I am not Dave Strider.
    Two hours from now will be two hours from now regardless of time zones.
    What is your time zone and when would you like to schedule our match? I'm GMT -5, EST. I'm not sure when I'll be available.
    Welp, sorry for not responding, I was at a convention this weekend!
    Whenever you're available just VM me or find me on #doubles on IRC. My name on Showdown is EspyOwner, I'm voiced so look near the top of the list if I'm online.
    Hey, i'm GMT -5 and my nickname on PS is "Leftiez" but i havn't build yet, i think we can play on Wednesday if u want?
    Hi, whenever you're on, whats your showdown username, I'll stay logged in whenever I can for the next few days. I am "ctan" thanks.
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