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  • Gg to you also and sorry about the overkill at the end I have just always wanted to use explosion
    yeah that went my way this time, last few games i got fucked in the ass by hax though, so i wasn't entirely upset about it. xP rematch sometime.
    sorry for that i was rebooting my computer since i wasnt getting any sound from it add my diamond code and i will go online
    okay so Ninjask and Ditto yes lmk when you want to trade im ev training one of my pokemon so if you want to go now i have to wjot some info down and save
    Just reminding you that we have a pending and I'd like to get it done as soon as possible. You have yet to contact me about if you have been busy or just unable to trade. Please reply back, thank you. :)
    I feel so stupid asking this, but I need you to breed me another Roselia. Stupid me forgot that Sleep Powder is an egg move. >_> So if you would undertake that BP, I'd be so grateful... And if you do, can you do HP Fire?
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