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  • Up for a SkypeCast tomorrow or Memorial day? Whichever works best. Tabuu will join us this time.
    Still, I should have been able to help the group build a functioning team... A lot of the nominations that were selected were my own, so it was my ideas that primarily shaped the team. And I probably should have had enough sense to give people more time than three days to test out the team... I just can't help but feel that I'm the one responsible for taking up nearly two months to make something that doesn't even work...
    Well, I guess you have a fair point. Perhaps the team doesn't fit Meloetta as well as it could...

    Unfortunately, I get the feeling that Grant doesn't feel the same way that you do about me. He did go off on a few rants about the Create-A-Team process I made and how I was messing it up by rushing it. Not to mention he didn't talk to me about restarting the whole process before doing it. I kind of did doom the whole thing from the beginning by nominating Meloetta, when I was really the only one who ever used it before... If we do end up starting the whole Create-A-Team over again, I'm probably just going to have Grant take care of it, since he can probably make something much better than I ever could.
    Hmm... To be honest, I've used the team quite a bit, and I've always thought that it was fairly solid. Maybe this it just me, but it did pretty well for me, and the only losses I had I could easily trace to mistakes I made during the battle rather than a flaw with the team itself. But I guess I don't have much of a say in the matter... Everyone else seems to agree that the team is garbage...
    Hey, can I ask you something, Halcyon? About the Create-A-Team, do you really think that it turned out so bad that the only option is to start over anew?
    RaijueR vs. Halcyon of Light

    This is your opponent for the second round. Good luck!
    Where two people commentate over something. Like, you call me on Skype, and we discuss a good battle that you or I had while it plays. But seriously gimme dat link lol. You've checked out my channel right?
    Link me the YouTube channel now! We could do a YouTube dual comm one of these days bro! :D
    I think Helioptile could turn out really cool once it evolves, but at the moment its just ok. I kind of like Pancham, and Gogoat is interesting, I guess. Too bad it will most likely be just a gimmick.
    Well, I guess at the end of the day, it's still pretty cute. I think it has potential for its evolutions, if they do it right.

    By the way, something about its tail feather makes me think of an Indian feather or something like that... just a thought.
    Oh, so you like the design? I think it's kind of cute, if not a bit generic. Hopefully its (possible fire-type) evolutions will look a bit more interesting.
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