harambe's solution

Feb 1, 1984 (Age: 36)
Real Name
Adolf Cranston
Executive Analyst for Walmart


Yo! I got banned from events, and here's how it went down. I did nothing wrong, man! I did nothing wrong whatsoever! I got banned! I didn't even KNOW I got banned! I didn't get no email, I didn't get no explanation, I didn't get no chance to explain myself. I just got banned. I got a message from Doug Zeeff, that I got banned from Konami. Konami doesn't even message me and tell me I'm banned. So I got banned from my old video I made, Where I jokingly made a video- I jokingly, JOKINGLY, told, the world, that, I stalled for time. I DIDN'T STALL FOR TIME! Anyone with a BRAIN, would realize it was a JOKE! It was a joke, that was- it was a good joke at the time! The new time rules were going on, "Oh, Ha Ha Cowboy for Game". It's a JOKE! It's just like Firewall Pass. It's a JOKE!